Project Settings

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To access project settings, click on Settings gear.pngin the left hand menu and scroll down to Project settings.

Access and security

Features that can help control what parts of a job can be accessed and by who.


Set the default analysis for your project. This setting is connected to the Job analysis window; any changes made in the Job analysis settings will be saved in the Project settings and vice versa.

Completed file name and export path

Option to Set unassigned job to completed once previous workflow step is completed is available. If a job is split, all parts of that job must be completed in order to automatically complete following unassigned steps.

Custom file types

Custom file types based on .XML, .TXT, .HTML or .JSON that are defined by filename and extension can be automatically detected and imported. Once defined, definition can be used to import that file type in batches when creating a job.

File import settings


Set the default pre-translation for your project. This setting is connected to the Job pre-translation window so that any changes made in the Job pre-translation settings will be saved in the Project settings and vice versa.

Project status automation

Project status automation rules enable users to configure when a project‘s status should be automatically changed. Project status automation rules can be saved in a project template and used together with a submitter portal or with automated project creation.


TM match context and optimization

Specify how a translation memory defines context.


Set workflow steps for the project.

XML profiles

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