Jobs Table

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

The jobs table lists all jobs associated with a project and tools for working with jobs. From the jobs table, jobs can be added, edited, downloaded (original or the completed translation, bilingual or final files), analyzed, pre-translated, and deleted along with other tools. If multiple files are selected from the table to be edited at once, they will open together in the editor (opening more than 100 at a time may cause performance issues).

Hovering over underlined indicators and icons in the table provides more information about the job such as progress, additions and word counts. For example, hover the mouse over a job status to see additional information about when the job entered a particular status, such as Accepted and Completed. This can be useful for calculating how long a Linguist has been translating the assigned job(s).

The number displayed in the Job number job_number.jpeg column is a default value assigned by the system when jobs are created within a project. Users cannot edit the job number.

Warnings are labelled with yellow_warning.jpg. This indicates the file was uploaded but there are embedded objects embedded objects or fields in the document that may have not been imported correctly.

The table can be filtered and the columns can be customized.


Although jobs can be downloaded in .TMX format, they cannot be uploaded again in the same format as they do not contain bilingual tables. .TMX files are predominantly used for translation memories

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