File Import Settings


Article content is machine translated from English to other languages by Phrase Translate.

File Types

  • .adoc

  • .asc

  • .asciidoc

  • .txt

Import Options

  • Convert to Phrase TMS tags

    Apply regular expressions to convert specified text to tags.

  • Non-translatable monospace custom styles (use regexp)

    Specify whether text part (span) is enclosed in single or double backticks.

    The regular expression specifies the custom styles of monospace formatting to be imported as a non-translatable single inline tag.

  • Extract custom document attribute names (use regexp) Specify if custom attributes should be extracted as:

    • Single tag (i.e. non-translatable) when the custom style matches the regexp.

    • Text inside pair text (translatable) when the custom style does not match the regexp.

  • Enable HTML processing in passthrough

    Enables HTML subfilter in passthrough blocks and inline passthroughs.

  • Extract labels of btn and menu macros

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