Help Scout (TMS)

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This integration will be deprecated as of December 15, 2023. If requiring an alternate solution, communicate with your Customer Service Manager and consider either a custom solution or using an API.

Help Scout connector allows the downloading of source content and uploading of translations to/from Help Scout.

Use Cases

There are a number of use cases for the connector:

  • Project managers can add files directly to projects from an online repository.

  • Set up the submitter portal to allow Submitters to add files to requests directly from the online repository.

  • Use automated project creation (APC) to have new projects automatically created when a change in the last modified date is detected for monitored files or a folder.

    • Selected files are imported the very first time APC runs.

When an article is first translated and exported back to Help Scout, the article appears as a draft and must be published manually. If a previously published article is translated, it is immediately published when exported back into Help Scout.

Help Scout Settings

  1. Select Your Profile from the Account dropdown list in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

  2. Select Authentication on the right side of the screen and then the API Keys tab. Copy the Docs API Key

    Generate this key it if it doesn't exist yet.

Phrase TMS Settings

  1. From the Settings Setup_gear.png page, scroll down to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Connectors.

    The Connectors page opens.

  3. Click New.

    The Create page opens.

  4. Provide a name for the connection and change the Type to Help Scout .

  5. Paste the API key into the Help Scout Docs API key field.

  6. In the Help Scout Target Collection field, type the name of an existing Help Scout collection or the name of a collection to be created.

    New collections appear in the collection list of the Help Scout account.

  7. Click Test connection.

    • For a Basic or Standard Help Scout account, a message will appear to confirm the connection to the single site on Help Scout.

    • For a Plus Help Scout account, a list of multilingual sites will be displayed. Select the language of each site from the drop-down lists and which site will be the source for the translation.

  8. Click Save.

    The connector is added to the list on the Connectors page.

Saving Help Scout Collections

To view a Help Scout collection created via the connector, the collection must first be saved.

To save a collection, follow these steps:

  1. In Help Scout, go to Manage and Docs.

  2. Select the target site for the collection (Basic or Standard accounts have only one site. Plus accounts have multiple sites).

  3. Select Collections on the left-hand side and click on the collection created by the connector.

  4. Click Save Collection.

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