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Available for

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Zendesk connector allows the downloading of source content and uploading of translations to/from Zendesk for the following content types:

  • Articles, Sections, and Categories in the Guide module.

  • Dynamic text in the Support module.


The connector always imports the published version of the document even if there is a newer draft. The draft is only imported if the published version is missing.

Use Cases

There are a number of use cases for the connector:

  • Project managers can add files directly to projects from an online repository.

  • Set up the submitter portal to allow Submitters to add files to requests directly from the online repository.

  • Use automated project creation (APC) to have new projects automatically created when a change in the last edited date (edited_at attribute) is detected for monitored files or an entire list. If the connector is configured to create jobs only for languages flagged for translation, then APC only creates jobs for the flagged article translations.

    • Selected files are imported the very first time APC runs.

Zendesk Settings

  1. Zendesk Support: Go to Account in the Admin section and configure target languages.

  2. Zendesk Guide: Go to Language settings in the Admin section and configure target languages.

  • Connector languages are set according to the languages in Zendesk Guide.

    English in Zendesk is actually English (United States) full locale.

  • Any Zendesk language can be used as source language in projects.

  • Zendesk Guide offers more locales than Zendesk Support. Ensure the same list of locales is selected (e.g. Norwegian in Support and Norwegian(Bokmål) in Guide are considered different languages).

  • When adding new targets in Zendesk, re-save the connector settings in Phrase.

Phrase TMS Settings


If accessing from a custom domain (ex., open an incognito browser window and log in via or to apply the authentication required for the creation or saving of the connector. After saving, the connector can be accessed via the custom domain.

  1. From the Settings Setup_gear.png page, scroll down to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Connectors.

    The Connectors page opens.

  3. Click New.

    The Create page opens.

  4. Enter the Host prefix.

  5. In the Translate articles with label field, specify a label that flags an article to be processed by the connector. If specified, only articles with this label will be processed.

  6. Select how jobs will be created.

  7. Select how to save translations.

  8. Define article workflow.

  9. If Import labels for translation is selected, all labels attached to an article are imported. When exporting the translation, new labels containing their translation will be created. Labels used for workflow configuration, e.g. Translate will be excluded from import to TMS.

  10. Click Connect to Zendesk.

    Zendesk login page opens.

  11. Log in to Zendesk.

    A checkmark will appear if the connection was successful. A red exclamation point will appear if it wasn't. Hover over the icon to see additional details.

  12. Click Save.

    The connector is added to the list on the Connectors page.

Article Workflow Recommendations

Translating Source Articles

To allow article authors to manually trigger translations:

  • In the Zendesk articles workflow, configure the connector to monitor articles by adding a specific label (e.g. translate) to the Translate articles with label field. The author applies this label to articles when ready for translation. The label is automatically removed to prevent repeated import of the article.

To notify the author when article translation has started:

  • In the Zendesk articles workflow, configure the connector to add a label (e.g. in translation) in the Upon import from Zendesk field. This allows article authors to see when the article was pulled for translation.

To notify the author when article translation is complete:

  • In the Zendesk articles workflow, configure the connector to add a label (e.g. review-{targetLang}) in the Upon import to Zendesk field. Reviewers then use the applied label to filter articles in the Zendesk UI.

Combine the above with Automated Project Creation (APC) to maximize automation.

Submitting for Re-translations

To allow reviewers to submit existing translation for an update:

  • Configure the connector to create translations for flagged articles. The reviewer will set the flag for translation to trigger a new job.

  • Select how jobs will be created by APC.


If the connector is configured to monitor articles with a specific label, beyond flagging the translation, the article also needs to be tagged with that specific label in order for APC to identify it.

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