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Continuous Localization

Continuous localization helps in projects and jobs that have incremental changes and require a continuous delivery of updated translated texts. It is the integration of the localization workflow into the development process instead of the tradition of it happening after the development process. As an example, in the software development environment, updated text strings are automatically handed off to the TMS and processed in time with the release cycle.


Continuous Jobs vs Continuous Projects

Continuous jobs and continuous projects do not have the same abilities.


Continuous Jobs

Continuous Projects


Single Files

A folder of files

Single project

Files from different repositories and locations

One folder in one repository (excepting Git and Sitecore where multiple folders can be monitored)

File types






Unchanged segments carried forward to updated file






Due date calculations






Automated project creation can be configured to continuously update an existing project. When enabled, a new project is created and used continuously for all updates to the source files already in that project instead of creating a new project every time a source file change is detected.

Project templates are only applied during project creation and not when new or existing jobs are updated.

When source files are updated, linguist are notified by email and in the editor in which options to immediately reload the source Reload now or to wait until the source is updated again Reload later are available. The source can also be updated manually with Update job.

Job status updates:

  • If the status is New, Emailed, Accepted, Declined, or Rejected the job is reloaded and status maintained.

  • If the status is Completed or Delivered the job is reloaded and the status is changed to Emailed.

  • If the status of first workflow step is Cancelled, the job is left unchanged.

  • Before updating, unchanged segments are copied together with the translation in the target.

  • If a job in continuous project is deleted and an update of the source file in the online repository is made, a new job is created.

Reopening of completed continuous projects when new work is detected:

  • If a project is set to Completed and CP scans a repository to find processable work, it sets the project to Assigned to indicate new work.

  • If the status of an existing project is Cancelled and a file has been modified or a new one is detected, a new continuous project is created.

Exporting translations back to the repository

  • When the project is continuous, jobs are exported when the last workflow step is Completed.

  • Jobs can be manually exported by choosing Download > Export to online repository. Even unchanged files will be exported.

  • Each target file is stored in a target path specified in the CP settings.


  • Jobs can be re-imported from the Download menu on the jobs table.


  • If a due date scheme is defined for a service associated with a continuous project, it is applied to new or updated jobs.

  • If a price list is defined for a service associated with a continuous project, it is used to generate quotes for new or updated jobs.

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