Term Bases (TMS)

Term Morphology

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Term morphology is handled several ways:

  • Fuzzy matches

  • Exact matches

  • Word stem separation

  • Synonym use

Fuzzy Match Type

By default, the match type for new terms is set to Fuzzy.

When the match type is Fuzzy, a suffix can be appended to a word and it will still be matched.


The simple morphology of added characters.

  • car will also match cars

  • game will also match games

Maximum suffix length is 6 for fusional languages and 20 for agglutinative languages.

Exact Match Type

Fuzzy match might not be suitable for words such as contract as contractor would be an incorrect match. This term would be better served with Exact match settings

Exact match is also recommended for abbreviations; AN may require an Exact match and also be Case sensitive. Only AN would provide and exact match while an, and or AND would not.

Terms with Rich Morphology

To improve matching for terms with rich morphology as when part of a word changes due to context, a boundary between the word stem (the part that does not change) and the suffix (the part that does change) can be defined by inserting a pipe character |.

Fuzzy terms are recognized up to a maximum of 6 characters after the pipe character.


biologic will also match biolog|y, biolog|ical and biologic|s.

old will also match old|er and old|est.


For some terms, the fuzzy match or separating stem will not work; leaf and leaves would not match in one term. In such case, use synonyms.


Create the term contract and its synonym contracts and set them both to Exact match. This recognizes both forms of the word while ignoring contractor that would be recognized with a Fuzzy match.

Click through tutorial on working with term morpohology.

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