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Integration Releases 2023


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v23.10 - May 30, 2023

Fixed Bugs

v23.9 - May 16, 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Job Sync: New ability to sync changes made within Strings on target keys back to TMS. Available from May 24th.

  • Contentful: A new app is available that allows users to submit entries from the Contentful UI. The capabilities currently cover: sending one entry for localisation while selecting specific target languages. Once there are changes in the source copy, it can submitted once again for localization.

Fixed Bugs

  • Locales separated by a hyphen are detected, but files are not visible and cannot be exported back. This has been fixed.

  • Marketo: Some translated segments were not being imported. This has been fixed.

  • Zendesk: If a target segment contains an angle bracket >, it is not exported back to Zendesk. This has been fixed.

v23.7 - April 18, 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • Zendesk: When Import labels for translation is enabled, workflow configuration labels are imported for translation.


Fixed Bugs

  • WordPress: In-context preview of jobs imported via the WordPress connector contained a mix of target and source text. This has been fixed.

v23.6 - April 4, 2023

New Features and Improvements

v23.5 - March 21, 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • API: The endpoint for creating a quote has been updated to match behavior in UI.

  • Snowflake:

    • Four new fields will be added in the LQA_V2 table, named:

      • translation_provider_type 

        A string describing whether the translation provider is a user, an organization, or not available

      • review_provider_type

        A string describing whether the review provider is a user, an organization, or not available

      • translation_provider_id

        A unique number identifying the translation provider

      • review_provider_id 

        A unique number identifying the review provider

    • A new field will be added in the VENDOR_V2 table

      • vendor__organization_id 

        A unique number identifying the vendor organization

Fixed Bugs

  • Snowflake:

    translation_provider and review_provider columns in LQA_V2 table will now contain:

    • the organization name instead of the organization ID.

    • not available will be changed to Not available

    Both columns can have one of the following results - Not available, the username of the translation provider, or the organization name.

  • Contentful (field-level): When importing an Entry, segments in editors didn't have the same order as Fields inside the Entry. This has been fixed.

  • Git / GitHub: Jobs created with these connectors couldn't be exported back to the repository. This has been fixed.

v23.4 - March 7, 2023

New Features and Improvements

Available from March 1, 2023:

  • A new integration for Braze is now available, enabling users to translate email templates and content blocks.

  • Snowflake:

    • Job part statistics v2 and Analyses and quotes v2 are now available.

    • A new column named project_class_type is added to the project_v2 table. This field is used to distinguish between different types of project, such as standard and Raw MT projects.

  • Some UI changes to the Connectors overview page have been performed to improve user experience when viewing and managing all connectors.


Fixed Bugs:

  • Google Drive: Files with apostrophe in their name could not be imported as a new job via online repository. This has been fixed.

v23.2 - February 7, 2023

New Features and Improvements

  • API:

    • GET JOB call now includes a timestamp for the last target update.

    • Custom metadata endpoints from ProjectApi3Resource and ProjectApi2Resource have been published for public use and older versions have been deprecated.

v22.26 - January 10, 2023

Fixed Bugs

  • Contentstack: A single line break <br> disappeared in the translated Entry. This has been fixed.

  • Git: When trying to push exported files to a different branch, the name of the branch does not correspond to what is defined in the Export online repository files to field under the Completed file name and export path in the project settings. This has been fixed.

  • API: Authentication did not work with URL redirection. This has been fixed.

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