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Integration Releases 2024


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v24.3 - February 20, 2024

New Features and Improvements

  • Customers can now pass through Due Dates and Notes via the Contentful App into Phrase TMS

  • Contentful App customers can now select individual fields within a single Entry for localisation.

Fixed Bugs

  • Contentful

    • Tagged entries with a space in the title are not recognized by the filter in Contentful App. This has been fixed.

    • APC was not able to monitor a single entry. This has been fixed.

  • Files uploaded from a connector via API are not showing in the remote repository. This has been fixed.

  • Entities were escaped in translated Salesforce articles. This has been fixed

v24.2 - February 6, 2024

New Features and Improvements

  • An API endpoint provided information that should not be accessible to the Guest user. This has been fixed.

Fixed Bugs

  • HubSpot: Re-exporting back to the repository does not work. This has been fixed.

v24.1 - January 23, 2024

Fixed Bugs

  • The response of the List assigned jobs API endpoint didn’t return information about job locales. This has been fixed.

v23.26 - January 9, 2024

Fixed Bugs

  • The API call to Get status of a machine translation engine failed with a 500 internal server error for Phrase Language AI profiles. This has been fixed.

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