Create a CLI Configuration File (Strings)

To automatically create a configuration file, follow these steps:

  1. From the command line, type phrase init to create a .phrase.yml file.

    The configuration process starts in the CLI.

  2. Provide:

    • Access token

    • Phrase project ID

    • Locale file format

    • Location of locale files in the project codebase

A basic configuration file is created.

If using a manually created or copied configuration file, place it in one of these locations:

  • The directory in which the CLI client is called.

  • The home directory of the current user ($HOME in Unix, $HomePath in Windows).

  • The path specified in the PHRASEAPP_CONFIG environment variable.

  • Path to configuration file via the --config flag (e.g. /some/path/to/phrase.yml).

Sample configuration file.

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