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  • The .phrase.yml configuration file must be present in the repository. The file defines which files to import (pull) or export (push) from the repository.

  • Read and write access are required for the repository.

  • Incorrectly defined configuration files may cause errors. Ensure that the file contains at least one push and one pull target, correct file formats and the correct setting of the update_translations parameter.

  • A GitHub access token for the scope of the repository (public_repo if synchronizing with a public repository).

  • If SSO is enabled in GitHub, it must also be enabled for the access token.

  • The phrase_translations branch cannot be protected.

  • Ensure repository settings do not require signed commits.

Connect Repositories

Once the configuration file is in place, to connect a repository, follow these steps:

  1. From Project Settings, select the GitHub Sync tab.

  2. Enable Github Sync.

    GitHub Sync settings are presented.

  3. Optionally select GitHub Enterprise and provide the GitHub Enterprise API endpoint.

  4. Provide a GitHub Personal access token.

  5. Select a GitHub repository from the dropdown list.

  6. Select a Repository branch from the dropdown list to import (push) and export (pull) from. This is usually the main branch.

  7. Click Validate Configuration to ensure access token and configuration file are correct.

  8. Optionally Enable auto import from GitHub to import files with every commit to the selected GitHub branch.

    Generate a payload URL to be used for the webhook.

  9. Click Save.

    The project is now connected to the selected GitHub repository.

Import Files

To import files:

  • From the Languages page of a project, click GitHub Sync select Import from GitHub.

    A default locale must be present.

    Language files (defined as push source entries in the configuration file) are imported into the project. Import progress can be monitored in the project activity stream.

Export Files

To export files:

  1. From the Languages page of a project, click GitHub Sync select Export GitHub.

    The most recent language files are exported to the repository as a new pull request. Export progress can be monitored in the project activity stream.

  2. Once files are exported, the pull request can be merged or closed in the repository and the branch can be deleted.

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