Translation Management

Analytics and Activity Tracking (Strings)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

Available for

  • Business (only Direct plans) and Enterprise plans

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Available for

  • Enterprise plan (Legacy)

Get in touch with Sales for licensing questions.

The Analytics tab of a project page provides an overview of project-related analytics and statistics, and allows collecting information about the individual activities of team members.

The Analytics page includes different sections to display relevant data:

  • Project

    Display general statistics of the entire project in terms of languages, keys, translations, and words.

  • Languages

    Display a progress overview for each language of the project.

    Select a specific tag in the dropdown to see how specific key groups are progressing in the available languages.

  • User activity

    Select the desired time range to display statistics on a user base. Choose a specific user in the dropdown to filter statistics only for that user, or click Details on the right of the desired user to see their performance for each available language.

    The word count for both Words translated and Words verified is based on the selected source language in the translation editor. Numbers and symbols are counted as a word.

    Keys translated includes only new translations, while updates to already existing translations are not counted.

  • Translation sources

    Display information about pre-translation sources used in the project through a chart.

    To focus only on one or two sources, click on the legend items to exclude them from the chart. Click on a crossed-out item to display it again.

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