Translation Memories (TMS)

Batch Update Translation Memories

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

TMs can be modified directly in the UI itself. Performing large-scale editing and modifications to the TM can only be done outside the UI. Appending the segment ID with update in the .XLSX file triggers an update on import.

To batch update a translation memory in a spreadsheet editor, follow these steps:

  1. Export a TM to XLSX and ensure it is formatted correctly for import.

  2. Open the file in an editor.

  3. Insert two additional columns between the *ID* column and the first language column.

  4. Keeping the ID information in column A, remove the *ID* column label and place it in column C.

  5. Fill the cells in column B with the word update.

  6. In the first cell of the ID column, create the formula =(A2&"|"&B2) and click Enter.

    Cell C2 is populated with the ID from cell A2 and the word update (from cell B2) separated by |.

  7. Copy the formula to the rest of the *ID* column.

    All *ID* column cells are populated with the appended ID information.

  8. Make required modifications to the segments.

  9. Save the file.

  10. Import the file back.

    All segments with the appended ID are updated.

Appending the ID with the word delete instead of update will delete those segments on import.

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