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Prioritize Translation Memory Matches

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Translation memory matches can be prioritized based on the following project metadata fields stored for each segment within the TM:

  • Client.

  • Domain.

  • Subdomain.

  • Filename.

In case of multiple TM entries with the same source text, the TM entry with metadata that matches project metadata is positioned higher in the CAT pane and used for pre-translation regardless of the TM priority.

Segments with a higher match score are always prioritized: a 100% match with no metadata prevails over a 99% match that fully matches project metadata.

Due to continuous improvements, the user interface may not be exactly the same as presented in this video.

Set up project metadata for TM matches

TM matches prioritization based on project metadata can be set up for the imported jobs using TM match context and optimization options in the File Import settings. The same options are also available in the main project settings.

To enable TM matches prioritization, follow these steps:

  1. Select TM match context and optimization in Project settings to display the relevant page.

  2. Click on Select metadata dropdown menu under the Prioritize TM matches metadata section.

    List of available project metadata is displayed.

  3. Click on the desired metadata from the list.

    Selected metadata are added at the top with a progressive number indicating their order of importance.

  4. Optionally, drag and drop the selected metadata in the field to adjust their order of importance when prioritizing TM matches.

  5. Click Save to apply the settings.

Example of TM matches prioritization

Priority chosen for project metadata is:

  1. Filename.

  2. Client.

  3. Domain.

  4. Subdomain.

The TM entry with the Filename field matching a project's filename is prioritized. If the TM entries have the same filename fields or their filename fields do not match the project's filename, prioritization is based on Client metadata.

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