TMS: User management

New Project Managers created via configured SSO will have limited rights as defined in SSO settings

Current behavior:
When a new Project Manager is created via SSO, it has full rights by default. There isn't an option to provide limited rights.

Available workaround (if any):
The newly created Project Manager via SSO needs to be somehow tracked and quickly have the user rights changed (manually or via API).

Requested behavior:
Add the possibility to check inside SSO settings an option that provides fully limited user rights for new Project Managers created via SSO.

Use case:
New Project Managers created via SSO will have full rights and will have access to a all internal data, Projects, Users, Clients, detailed configurations,... Also, there can be many Project Managers inside the organization that each belongs to a different internal department/group/business unit where each Project Manager has different rights.


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  • We plan to support Groups for Users. This would allow easier edits - the new Project Manager can be simply assigned a certain Group that already has the rights defined.


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