TMS: Translation memory & term base

Prioritizing TM on the Pre-Translate process

We need to find and pre-translates all the TM fuzzy matches (with the threshold set) first and then do the MT for those empty segments.

So we need Memsource to enable this option, instead of doing the two-fold step manually (Translate from TM then later from the MT).

Accordingly, We need more control for the pre-translate process, as we need to always get the TM matches even the NT/MT has higher matching rates.



  • Memsource currently works on TM prioritization, which will enable user to prioritize one TM over another (to be released in July 2021) for the pre-translation purposes. This would address issue mentioned in the title of this feature.

    However - based on what you describe in the body of this request - it looks you would like to prioritize 80% TM match over MT/NT 100% match. Can you please confirm?

  • Yes Exactly, The customer needs to drop the translations from the TM regardless the matching percentage and just use the NT or MT when there is not matching at all from the project TM.

  • We are interested in this feature as well. The change was due to release in July, is it available yet?


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