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Make Note section expandable

At the moment, the Note in the Project header is not expandable. The text can only be seen as a whole when a cursor hovers over it. Adding hyperlinks doesn't work, they are shown as plain text.
Current behavior:
Note in the project header works as a text field that shows the full text only when a cursor hovers over it. Hyperlinks show as a regular text. 
Requested behavior:
Note in the project header is expandable. If there are any hyperlinks inserted there, they are active.
Use case: 
A short description of the project with hyperlink to additional information in the Note could be more user-friendly than putting the same information in a Reference file. 

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  • I'd also expand this idea by creating an email template macro like {project.note} (for example).

    Current Behavior

    There is a list of primary project settings (see the screenshot: name, owner, client, domain, etc.) and most of them have their corresponding macros (see the screenshot) to be used in Email Templates. There is no macro for the Note, however.

    Expected Behavior

    A new macro is added.

    Use Case

    After it, a project manager puts all project-related info into a Note of a project or a project template and uses this macro to keep all references, guides, etc. in emails sent from a project.



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