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Display workflow step name in the Editor


If the job is opened in the editor, it contains only sparse information about the workflow step it was opened/downloaded from: The abbreviation of the step in the job name. If the user has the job opened in multiple WF steps in one browser, it can get a bit confusing to keep track which WF step is which.

Current behavior: 

Users can see the workflow step abbreviation in the Web Editor tab name (when hovering the cursor over it) and in the filename at the top of the Editor for Desktop.

Available workaround:

Use a different browser or a browser profile (option available in some browsers) to review each WF step separately. 

Requested behavior:

The option to view the WF step name can be enabled in the editor. 

Use case: 

Some PMs like to review the job in different WF steps by opening each step in a new tab in the browser to make changes. Clear specification of the WF step in the editor would help them in keeping the tabs organized. 



  • Official comment

    During the Q4 2023, we have implemented improvements to Editors. Now, the header in Editors displays the projectjob , and workflow step names.

  • I agree with this.


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