Introduce locale-specific QA checks

Various languages have various rules and not having locale-specific QA checks leads to lots of false negatives or false positives.



  • We have some customer with a huge amount of different rules for each language and because of all the false positives we can't enforce QA. So this feature would make it a lot easier!

  • Yes, that would be awesome in our case too. We have chosen so far to deactivate some QA warnings not to overload some languages with false positives, but this is also forcing us to risk less quality overall.

  • Yes this applies in our case too. We request to have language specific QA’s. This means that we would avoid having tons of false positives for some languages for one particular check and elsewhere for other languages. Thank you.

  • Yes, that applies to our case too. I am refraining to add more than 1 target language to the same project. That would be great to be able to apply our Customized QA checks to a chosen language if we chose to and not to others.

  • I agree, it would be great if it was possible to select languages to which a given custom QA check should apply.

  • We'd also like to see language-specific QA added to Phrase as is the case for many TMS systems on the market.


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