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Project template having 2 or more different file import settings for the same file type

Current behavior:
Project template can contain only one set of file import settings per one file type.

Available workaround (if any):
Using a Custom file type feature. Another settings for a file type can be applied as long as it is with either XML, JSON, HTML or Multilingual XML file import settings.

Requested behavior:
Project template can have two or more different settings for the same file type. The settings would be applied according to the user’s conditions.

Use case:
The user receives repeatably batches of Multilingual MS Excel files and some of them differ in column structure. The user would prefer to have one project and one project template, so the process can be still automatic without any need to manually tweak the settings every time.


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  • Alleluyah.   I have been asking Memsource for this since day 1.  For XML, it is extremely limiting to have one set of rule per template, it forces you to have separate templates and create separate projects for different types of XML files.

    The system should work like in Trados, where you can have as many XML filters as you want.   The right one will be applied based on a set of criteria, like root tag, doctype and such.


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