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Introduce dark mode and color themes



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    We would like to let you know that we plan to introduce Dark Mode for CAT editors later this year, but right now, we don't have any more specific ETA.

  • This is a "nice to have" feature, I feel. I imagine that to implement true Dark Mode on macOS and Windows, the color scheme of the table (Editor) view would have to be inverted, so that the text is white and the background is black (or another darker color).

    Dark mode apps are kind of a "thing of the future," in that a lot of productivity apps (especially in the world of translation tools) haven't yet caught up. Dark mode is good for users who work in low-light situations or at night, which hopefully we shouldn't have to do so much... ;-)

  • Yes please!

    It would be SUPER COOL if there were a way to change the background colours of the various UIs, as they are very white/bright, especially when working at night, as I often do. In both the desktop editor and the web editor.

    On a related note, I would love to be able to change the TB highlight colour, from bright yellow to something easier on the eyes.

  • I also favour this idea. However, studies show that consumers show something interest after first it is introduced or innovated in this fast-developing technology era. So it can take long years to wait for enough interest for a non-available feature for you.

  • Yes, please! I have dark mode on my whole PC and most online tools such as Chrome, social media etc. It's also dark mode for the phone. So it would be great to have it here as well as we translators work long hours sometimes at night or low light and this very white background really hurts the eyes.

  • This feature is much needed. Light letters on a dark background is way easier on the eyes, I already use it on all of my coding tools. It's essential for our health, we spend countless hours looking at the Memsource screen.

  • This feature is important as some linguists are color-blind. We've experienced issues where linguists struggle to see if the checkmark is gray or green color. 

  • I hope the dark mode for the desktop editor is going to be introduced soon

  • Dark mode is now available as a theme in the Appearances tab of the Preferences menu. It was implemented on December 13, 2023, for both CAT Web (v23.49) and CAT Desktop Editor (v23.53). See our Release Notes for more details.

    Our engineers are continuously working on improving the Dark mode, so if you have any feedback, please log into your Help Center and submit a ticket to our Technical Support. We will be happy to forward it to our engineers! 

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  • As for the in-context preview, I understand that it would be super soothing to have it in dark mode as well, but TMS supports a wide range of file types for an in-context preview and creating a dark mode for all of them, especially formats like IDML, would be a gargantuan task of great complexity. Due to this, at the moment, our engineers decided to display the files as they are imported by our clients. Thanks for your understanding. ;)


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