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Remember file import settings when forgetting to upload a file


Typical scenario is the one in which the user is working on a complex file import settings and once done creates the job forgetting to upload a file. An error message is displayed but all the work that has been done before on the file import setting is gone.



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    Hello everyone, 

    we would like to inform you that the Create job buttons are now greyed out and inactive unless a file for import is selected. This way, users no longer lose their import settings configuration when uploading a job.


    This was implemented on April 19, 2022, in v22.7. See the following announcement in the Release Notes.


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  • Yes this is super annoying. This is more like a bug really...

  • Yes, please.

  • There's a workaround for not having to specify the import settings again. Just press the browser back button and you'll get your entered values back. 


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