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Import contents of Excerpt field through WordPress plugin


Our plugin converts the WordPress post into an HTML string. Currently, the plugin does not include the "post_excerpt" field when creating the string. Adding "post_excerpt" would allow users to pull the contents of the field to Memsource.

Current behavior:

Our plugin does not use the "post_excerpt" when creating the HTML string and text from WP "Excerpt" field is not pulled into Memsource.

Export XLIFF from WPML, then import the XLIFF to Memsource. Excerpts are then visible in the XLIFF export.

Requested behavior:

It's possible to pull the contents of the field "Excerpt" to Memsource and make them visible. 

Use case:

Client would like to translate posts with Excerpt fields and pull them to Memsource via our WP connector. 


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  • The ability to make the content of the field `Excerpt` visible in Memsource has been introduced in Memsource WordPress plugin in version 3.4.0 on April 12, 2022. For more information, please see Release notes.

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