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Automatic number replacement in TM matches for CJK languages (source or target CJK language)

Current behavior: When the source or target are a CJK language, the feature that automatically changes the numbers in TM matches in the target segment translation is not available.

Requested behavior: The same function that is available for Latin characters should be available for CJK languages (source or target or both) -> when a source segment is similar to a match stored in the translation memory, but has different numbers, those numbers are automatically replaced in the target match displayed in the CAT pane.

Use case: This would allow automatic adjusting actual TM matches, and would help save time translating.



  • I would also like to have this feature.

  • Hello!

    Is there any news about this request?

  • Hi, let me update you that there are no updates on this request. You may follow this product request to be notified when it is moved to state planned or not planned.


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