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MS Office files: Create a separate import option to extract Alt Text only

Current behavior:

  • It is possible to import Alt Text from MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word by enabling the option "Import other text" but this import a lot of other text as well

Requested behavior:

  • It is possible to import Alt Text only - via a separate import option

Use case:
Alt Text helps people with visual impairments understand pictures and other graphical content. When someone uses a screen reader to view documents, they will hear Alt Text; without Alt Text, they will only know they've reached a picture without knowing what the picture shows.
Using the current  "Import other text" option imports also other redundant text, which leads to higher word counts and costs that need to be avoided.


1 comment

  • Great accessibility feature request widely requested by key global customers. All visually impaired people will be grateful for this!


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