TMS: Project & job management

Add a Create new project button (accessible from everywhere)


Current behavior:

There is a + New button at the top of the UI which works contextually. It creates new resources depending on what page you click it from:

  • From the Projects page, it creates a new project
  • From the TM page, it creates a new TM
  • From the TB page, it creates a new TB

Requested behavior:

A universal + New project button which would be accessible from all over the product regardless of what page users are currently located on.

Background information:

Creating a new project is the most common action performed within TMS. The ability to create it from everywhere would reduce the amount of necessary clicks to achieve the result.

Historically, there was a + button on the left-hand side panel which allowed this.


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  • Official comment

    The + button on the left-hand side panel has been reintroduced.

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