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Users can add comments and create conversation threads about a key or specific language pairs of a key in the Activity section of the translation editor. Collaboration through comments is also supported for jobs in the job context sidebar, allowing cooperation between all users assigned to a job.

By selecting the Comments tab in the Activity section, users can perform the following actions:

  • Add and reply to comments, also by mentioning other users.

  • Display, search, filter and sort comments.

  • Add and remove reactions by hovering over the desired comment and selecting the emoji icon.


    The emoji icon is also directly displayed under parent comments.

    Available reactions:

    • Thumbs up

    • Fire

    • Eyes

    • Raised hands

    • Green heart

    • Green checkmark

  • Edit or delete comments.

  • Resolve and unresolve comments.


Threads, language selection, resolving comments and filtering/sorting options are not supported in job comments.

Add and Reply to Comments

To add a comment or start a conversation about a key or a job, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Comments tab in the Activity section of the key context sidebar or job context sidebar.

  2. Enter comment in text field. If required, click the languages dropdown at the bottom left to attach only specific language pairs to the comment.


    By default, all languages in the project are selected.

  3. Optionally, type or select @ to add a mention in the comment.

    The mentioned user receives notifications and an e-mail. Replying to a comment notification e-mail adds a new comment in the project.

  4. Click Comment.

To reply to existing comments about a key, hover over the desired comment in the Comments tab and select the Reply to comment reply_comment.jpeg button. Multiple replies to the same parent comment are grouped in a thread.

Edit or Delete Comments

Hover over a comment and select the 3-dot menu 3dots_comment.jpeg to display editing and deletion options.

Users can edit and delete only their own comments about a key or a job.

Adding or removing attached languages is not enabled when editing comments.

Resolve comments

Once comments in a conversation have been addressed, hover over the parent comment and click Resolve comment resolve_comment.jpeg to mark the conversation as resolved.

Resolving comments can be reverted by clicking Undo in the confirmation message or by selecting Unresolve comment after hovering over the comment.

Resolved comments disappear from the list, unless the option to show resolved comments has been enabled through the Sort/Filter sort_filter.jpeg button. The user who resolved a comment will see a green checkmark next to the relevant comment. All resolved comments stay in the chronological order.


Users can resolve only their own comments. Other users will still display resolved comments as regular comments.

Search and Filter Comments

Use available options and buttons at the top of the Comments tab to filter comments by text, languages or resolved status.

By default, comments are sorted by newest first. Click the Sort/Filter sort_filter.jpeg button at the top right to display oldest comments first.

Search by text

To search for specific comments by text, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the desired text in the search field at the top of the comment list.

    Relevant search results are displayed with highlighted search keyword.

  2. Click on the desired search result to open the relevant comment or thread.

Filter by language

To filter comments by language, click the All languages dropdown at the top right and select the desired language pairs. If more than 2 languages are selected, all comments matching at least one of the selected languages are displayed.


Only languages that are part of the project/branch are displayed through the All languages dropdown.

Filter by resolved status

To show or hide resolved comments in the list, click the Sort/Filter sort_filter.jpeg button at the top right and toggle Show resolved comments as required.

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