File Support

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All supported actions save their results in a file that can be used by subsequent actions. Only files output from previous actions can be used (uploading of files is not supported).

All file formats returned by supported APIs can be used.

Use {{ @raw }} or {{ @file.path }} for referencing in subsequent actions.

Supported actions

  • Strings

    • Create a new screenshot

    • Upload a new file

  • TMS

    • Create job

    • Create segmentation rule

    • Download preview file

    • Download prepared file

    • Upload term base

    • Import TMX

    • Update source

    • Update target

    • Upload bilingual file

    • Upload a file to a subfolder of the selected connector

    • Upload handover file

Use case

The following workflow gets triggered when a locale inside a Phrase Strings job is marked completed. It downloads the locale as .json and imports it into a different project. This allows having a separate project, for example as a backup or an over-the-air specific one.


The locale’s .json export has a highly variable size. For smaller projects, it may only be a few lines, whereas for larger projects it can grow in length very quickly. By using the {{ @file.path }} reference, the export can be referenced without concerns for file size limitations.

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