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Phrase is available in two separate locations: the EU data center is hosted on Amazon AWS located in Ireland (eu-west-1), and the US data center, launched at the beginning of 2022, is hosted on Amazon AWS in the United States (us-east-1). We refer to those as European Union and United States data centers and their home URLs are:




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This will in time be changed from memsource to phrase.

This will in time be changed from memsource to phrase.

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New organizations can choose the data center location during the sign-up process. All profiles created on the EU data center fully reside in the EU, no data is shared with the US data center, and vice versa. The data centers are separate cloud infrastructures and there is no data sharing, integration, or migration path between them. Based on this statement, We declare that Phrase will not transfer any data from customers who have chosen the EU data center to US data center and will not transfer any data from customers who have chosen the US data center to the EU data center. However, if the customer decides to use Phrase Language AI Add-on for post-editing, several Machine translation engines may use their own data centers with different locations. The Phrase Language AI Add-on for post-editing offering unlimited machine translation at a flat fee is also available in the US data center. Some of the fully managed MT engines, however, cannot guarantee that customer’s data won’t be transferred outside the US.

To prevent a potential data transfer to another region, use only MT engines with the tag Data region policy and turn off all MT engines that don’t have this data region guarantee.

Any Phrase subscription, regardless of the data center the customer has chosen, is governed by the same Terms of Service, including Service Level Agreements if these are part of the customer's subscription. The list of the sub-processors is the same for both data centers, but some of the sub-processor may be involved only for the processing activities within the EU data center.

The service up-time and performance metrics are published on

The functionality of both instances is identical, except for the following:

Not available in the US data center

  • Strings

    • Wordpress plugin

    • OAuth

For IP addresses the servers use, refer to Phrase Servers IP Addresses.

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