Setting Ticket Severity

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Support tickets are categorized according to the severity with the designations P1/P2/P3/P4. These designations provide guidance and are used by the Technical Support team to process tickets according to the assigned severity.


Only P1 severity requests that require an immediate response or direct help from Technical Support agents may be processed out of turn.

Before opening a ticket, please carry out, basic First level support, including but not limited to, basic problem identification and diagnosis.

When submitting a ticket:

  • Classify the case according to the Ticket Severity Table.

  • Do not report every issue as P1-BLOCKER.

  • Supply detailed information so the technical support team can properly identify and diagnose the issue.

This speeds up the response times and facilitates the resolution of the ticket. Failure to provide detailed information or to incorrectly classify a ticket will result in support delays.

Ticket resolution time cannot be guaranteed for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Timely end-user replies.

  • Response time of a third party company.

  • Level of effort - simple tickets have a shorter implementation time than complex ones.

  • Engineering teams and resources availability.

  • Preparation time required to release a hotfix, software update, new feature, etc.

Ticket Severity Table



Approximate Resolution** TIme


Phrase as a whole or one of its components mentioned on the status page is not available and productivity has been halted. This includes situations in which custom integration with Phrase is broken and severe performance issues are experienced. The issue usually affects the majority of Phrase users and is being reported by other users.

To treat a ticket as P1-BLOCKER by technical support team, the distinguishing criterion is if the problem is going to be, or already is, reported on the status page*. Technical support agents provide updates on the SP every 30-60 minutes and the submitter is informed directly in the ticket upon resolution.

If the P1-BLOCKER ticket severity level is used to report a non-P1 issue, the severity of the ticket is immediately downgraded by the technical support agent.

4 hours


An issue, other than P1, causes an inconvenience; a major feature is not working. Phrase as a whole, including all the components are available, but issues are experienced that have a direct impact on productivity.

As commercially reasonable


An issue, other than P1 or P2, causes an inconvenience or a moderate inconvenience; a feature or functionality does not work as expected, but a workaround is available. Phrase as a whole is operational, but the problem causes a non-negligible impact.

As commercially reasonable


A minor problem condition that does not affect Phrase operation such as general requests for advice on product usage, clarification on product documentation or release notes, requests for product enhancements, and cosmetic UI problems.

As commercially reasonable

*In case a client has custom integration with Phrase, the resolution time can take longer and the problem doesn't need to be reported on the status page.

**Ticket resolution does not necessarily mean a fixed bug. Although an issue may be identified as a bug, resolving the bug may not be justified due to business or technical reasons.

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