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Sketch is a vector graphics editor for macOS. It is primarily used for user interface and user experience design of websites and mobile apps.

The Sketch plugin provides synchronization of content from designs within Sketch to string management projects. Content is translated in the editor and synchronized back to Sketch when complete.

The integration supports the use of branches.

Locales just be setup within a project for synchronization to work and Translators need to be explicitly granted right to upload content.

If using pre-translation, it is only applied to newly uploaded keys. Pre-translation is not applied for updated translations.

Install the Plugin

To setup the Sketch plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the Sketch application is already installed.

  2. From the Integrations page of Phrase Strings, scroll down to Sketch Integration and click Download.

    The plugin downloads.

  3. Unzip the file archive, then double click on the phraseapp-plugin.sketchplugin file.

    The Sketch application confirms installation of the plugin.

Using the Sketch Plugin

Connect to Sketch

After, click Phrase in the plugin menu and login with Phrase credentials to connect Sketch with Phrase. If an organization is not set up in Phrase yet, click on sign up and register for a free 14 days trial.


Create a project to upload and add at least one locale. An existing project can also be used.

Push translations from Sketch

To sync the content from a Sketch file to the dedicated project, click Push in the Toolbar; the button displays the number of translations intended to be pushed. Click the button again to transfer the translations.

Select specific elements of your page

By default, if a specific artboard or text element is not selected, the integration considers all content from the currently selected page as the selection. As soon as a selection of any content element other than the page is made, only that selection is pushed or pulled.

Customizing key names

Key names can be customized or autogenerated. When pushing content from Sketch, key names are automatically created for every selected text element. These key names are a compilation of the names of Page.Artboard.Textelement.

If internal guidelines or practices are in place for key naming, customize the key names from within the Phrase Toolbar; select a text layer and edit the key name in the dedicated input field.

Translate with the context artboard screenshot

The screenshot function of the integration automatically takes screenshots of Sketch artboards, uploads them and links them to the respective keys. Copywriters and translators access the dedicated screenshot in the side bar of the translation editor and the copy is indicated with a marker.

At least one artboard must be in place. Only Admin or Project Manager roles are allowed to upload screenshots in all projects. Project members with the role of Developer are allowed to upload and manage screenshots in that particular project.

Pull translations to Sketch

Once translations are ready, click Pull Translations to sync the latest updates of all languages back to Sketch.

Test the designs in all languages, corresponding to the ones in the dedicated project. l10n layout issues issues can be identified by switching the language of the Sketch file.

Switch the language of your design

Switch the language of the design to the languages available in the project via the Toolbar.

Change project

To change project, follow these steps:

  1. Click Change on the toolbar.

  2. Select the project to push to.

  3. Select the language for the design.

The name of the connected project is displayed on the toolbar.

Set character limits

Enforce a character limitation for each text element that the team need to follow by selecting an element and clicking the lock icon on the toolbar. The integration automatically calculates the maximum character limit for this text field and will send it with the next push of content.

Make use of dedicated tags

When using the Sketch integration to add new keys to a project on a regular basis, separate the various syncs with distinctive tags.

The integration automatically creates distinctive tags for keys to keep them organized. The tags are built in the following structure:


Symbols and overrides

The Sketch integration fully supports overriding texts in a symbol instance. Nested symbols are also supported.

Combining the Sketch integration with other Sketch integrations

All actions can be triggered with Runner. Element sizes can be maintained with the Anima ToolKit fix after pulling translations. Anima can be used to switch the language of the design.

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