Contentful (Strings)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

Available for

  • Enterprise plan (Legacy)

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For information about Contentful integration in Phrase TMS, refer to Contentful (TMS).

The integration allows developers, writers, managers, and marketers to connect to their profile and access translations directly from within Contentful. The integration does not work for multiple environments and does not require enabling localization in Contentful itself.


  • A Contentful account.

  • The installed application.

  • To display multiple keys in the preview, an environment that uses nested translation syntax is required. i18next is an example of such a framework. If the framework does not include this feature, a custom pre-formatter may need to be written.

Setup the application

To setup the application in Contentful, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Content model tab.

  2. Select the content model to be used with the application.

  3. Click on Sidebar and add the application with the Plus_Add.png icon.

  4. From the Fields list of the content model, click Settings.

  5. From the Appearance tile, select Phrase.

  6. Repeat for each field to be used with the application.

  7. Click Save.

    The application is now available in the Contentful sidebar for logging in with Phrase credentials.

  8. Provide credentials and click Connect with Phrase.

  9. Select a Phrase project and a language from the dropdown lists and click Save.

    Phrase content can now be searched for and viewed from with Contentful.

Searching for Content

Enter the /text command in the Title field to search for texts stored in Phrase and the /key command for key names. Results are presented in a dropdown list and are easiest to select with the arrow and enter keys.

Click Preview to see content based on selected keys.

Using ICE with Contentful

The In-Context Editor (ICE) can also be used for the Contentful preview allowing switching the language via the editor and editing translations in-context.

Keys from string or fields received from Contentful must be extracted and translated manually.

To setup the use of the In-context editor, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure an environment is available receiving data from Contentful such as an online version of a website or an application still in development for previewing entries.

  2. Install and setup the In-Context Editor.

  3. Configure the In-context-editor as Contentful preview by placing the URL of the environment in Contentful preview settings.

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