Global Search (Strings)

Content is machine translated from English by Phrase Language AI.

Use global search to find specific keys, translations, jobs or projects across the organization.

Click search.jpg in the upper toolbar to open the search window. Type the search keyword in the search box at the top of the window and press Enter to display search results.


Search window

The 10 best matches are presented in the search window with the highlighted search term. All matches are presented in a dedicated search page by clicking Show all or Open search page at the bottom of the search window.

Search results presented in the search window can be filtered through the options available at the top of the search window. Select Keys, Jobs or Projects to only display results related to keys, jobs or projects.

By default, search is applied across all available languages. The search can be narrowed to a specific language by clicking All languages at the top right of the search window: select the desired language by scrolling the dropdown list or directly search for a language using the dedicated search box.

Search results provide:

  • Key matches:

    • Key name with status icon.

    • Translation content for that key.

    • Name of the project the key is located in.

      Clicking on the project name opens the project overview.

    • Name of the project branch, if applicable.

      Clicking on the branch name opens the project overview with the pre-selected branch.

    • Language the translation was found in.

      Clicking on the language opens the key in the editor with the selected language pair.

    Clicking on the search result opens the key in the editor.

  • Job matches:

    • Job name with status icon (draft, in progress, completed).

    • Job statistics.

  • Project matches:

    • Project title.

    • Project statistics.

Search page

The search page displays search results in full-screen mode.


Use additional sorting and filtering options at the top right of the page to:

  • Sort search results alphabetically (ascending or descending order) or by last added and last updated items.

  • Filter search results by project through the All projects dropdown list.

Keys search results can be further refined to display only keys with custom metadata. To filter global search results by custom metadata, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Advanced search editor_filter_settings.png icon at the top of the keys search results.

    The Advanced search window is displayed.

  2. Select the desired custom metadata property from the dropdown list.

    The query operator is automatically displayed based on the selected property.

  3. Specify the value for the custom metadata according to the property type:

    • Text or String

      Type the text or the string to be matched. Include the value in quotation marks "" for exact match.

    • Boolean

      Specify the desired value by selecting the relevant option.

    • Single-select

      Select the desired value from the dropdown field.

    • Multi-select

      Select one or multiple values from the dropdown field.

    • Link

      Type or paste the text of the link to be matched.

    • Number

      Type the number to be matched.

    • Date

      Specify the date or the time range to be matched by selecting the start and end dates from the calendars.

  4. If required, click + Add filter to add multiple query options. Then, click the search icon search.jpg.

    Custom metadata filter(s) are applied to the keys search results.

To remove custom metadata filters individually, click the Remove remove_key_editor.jpeg icon next to the added property in the Advanced search window.


Refresh the search page to remove the first custom metadata filter.

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