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Screenshot Management (Strings)

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Screenshots are an effective way to improve the quality of translation workflows by providing translators with additional context.

Up to 10 files can be uploaded at a time with a file size limit of 10 MB.

Admin or Project managers can upload screenshots to any project and Developers can upload screenshots to their assigned projects.

Screenshots can be downloaded individually or in a batch. Batched screenshots are provided in a .ZIP file.

Screenshots can be added to keys on branches.

Add a Screenshot to a Project

To add a screenshot to a project, follow these steps:

  1. From the More menu on a project page, select Screenshots.

    The screenshots tab opens.

  2. Click Add screenshot to access file structures, or drag and drop the screenshot into the tab.

    When uploaded, the screenshot image appears in the list.

Add Context and Attach Keys to Screenshots

To add names, descriptions and attach keys to screenshots, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit screenshot for a selected image.

    The screenshot is opened in the screenshot editor.

  2. Either click on a text string in the image or click Attach key.

    A resizable and moveable selection box opens on the image with a field for the key name.

  3. Provide a key name by either:

    • Selecting from the dropdown list of existing keys.

    • Click screenshot_add_keyname.jpg to open the Create a new key window and provide details for a new key. Click Save to add the key.

  4. Optionally, click Detect text to use OCR to identify strings in a screenshot.

    Markers are placed on text found in the image. If the highlighted text matches an existing translation string found in one of the keys in the project, that key is selected and attached.

  5. Click Update screenshot to confirm the added keys.

    Screenshots are displayed in key details in the editor and multiple screenshots may be associated with a key.

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