ICU Message Format (Strings)

Translations with ICU MessageFormat syntax is supported.

Enable ICU MessageFormat in the Advanced tab of the Project settings window.

ICU MessageFormat provides:

  • Syntax highlighting

    When opened in the translation editor, the different parts of a message are highlighted and displayed along with relevant meta-information such as format type. Individual arguments and formats directly into your target can be applied to the translation to avoid errors introduced by typos. Click on a placeholder in the list of extracted placeholders or directly onto the part of the source content to be used in the target translation.

  • Syntax Validation

    Correctness of the ICU MessageFormat syntax is validated while translating. This can prevent broken ICU messages in localization files.

  • Preview

    ICU MessageFormat syntax can be quite complex and how the translation will look with actual arguments can be previewed. Click on the preview button and assign real-world attributes to the ICU message to see if the translation syntax is correct and all possible cases are supported as expected.

    Test values can be assigned for the ICU MessageFormat attributes of a translation in the preview panel. How the string looks is displayed and can be double-checked to ensure that the translation works as expected.

  • Pluralized Keys

    Pluralized keys containing the ICU MessageFormat easily can be translated just like normal pluralized keys by entering the different plural forms via the dropdown menu. Switch from the Raw ICU view to the Plural forms view to see changes. Work with the Plural forms view to avoid potential ICU syntax errors.

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