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Episerver is a content management service provider. Episerver XML is its standard localization file format that is used to load translated/localized strings. The localized XMLs are typically saved in the lang folder under the web root directory. With a predefined localization provider, strings loaded from the .XML override default UI texts.

Each Episerver XML has at least one locale nested in the <languages> tag so Episerver XML may be multilingual.

Code Sample

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <language name="English" id="English">
    <boolean_key>--- true
    <key_with_line-break>This translations contains
a line-break.</key_with_line-break>
        <key>I'm a deeply nested key.</key>
      <key>This key is nested inside a namespace.</key>
      <one>Only one pluralization found.</one>
      <other>Wow, you have %s pluralizations!</other>
      <zero>You have no pluralization.</zero>
    <simple_key>simple key, simple message, so simple.</simple_key>
    <unverified_key>This translation is not yet verified and waits for it. (In some formats we also export this status)</unverified_key>
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