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If a workflow is executed, a record is kept and can be viewed on the Executions tab.

Every execution has an ID that is presented in the table with revision numbers, status, start time and duration. Clicking on an execution provides the details of the execution at the task level.

Monitoring Executions

Workflow executions can be monitored to check their progress or investigate possible issues.

Select Monitoring in the left-hand menu to display the Monitoring page presenting a table with detailed information about each execution:

  • Execution ID: A unique identifier for each execution.

  • Status: Indicates whether the execution succeeded or encountered issues.

  • Workflow ID: Identifies the associated workflow.

  • Workflow Name: Specifies the name of the workflow.

  • Revision ID: Provides a version identifier for the workflow.

  • Revision Name: Specifies the name of the workflow version.

  • Duration: Displays the elapsed time for the execution.

  • Started At: Shows the date and time when the execution started.

Search for Executions

Enter a term in the search field at the top of the page to filter the table and get a list of executions containing the specified keywords. The search is applied across all available columns in the table.

To refine search results and apply the search only to specific columns, specify the column name before the search term separated by a colon. For instance, typing workflow_name: tabbed will exclusively search for revisions of the workflow with the name containing tabbed.

Filter Executions by Status

The Monitoring page provides a range of status filters that can be selected in the Filter filter_blue.jpeg dropdown menu:

  • Succeeded: Executions that have successfully completed their tasks.

  • Running: Executions that are currently in progress.

  • Failed: Executions that faced issues during their execution.

Multiple statuses can be selected at the same time. The filters can also be used in combination with the search query to fine-tune the results and focus only on executions in a particular status.

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