Translation Memories (TMS)

Assign a Translation Memory to a Project

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In order to use a translation memory for analysis, pre-translation, or actual translation in an editor, the TM must be assigned to a project.

Multiple TMs can be assigned to one project and a single TM can be assigned to multiple projects. There can be up to 10 TMs assigned to each project per language and workflow step.

It is recommended to add TMs for all of languages (workflow steps) first and then add a specific TM for a given language (workflow step) to ensure it will not be removed.

To assign a translation memory to a project, follow these steps:

  1. From a project page, click Select from the Translation memories table.

    If there are multiple target languages, the Select translation memories for: window opens (if there is only one target language, this step is skipped). Select All target languages or specific language from the dropdown list.

    If a TM is selected for one specific language and more TMs for all target languages need to be added later, this message will be displayed: A number of TMs had been previously selected for individual languages. Continuing with the all target languages option may overwrite these selections. Only TMs visible in the Selected section will be saved, so any TMs that were previously saved but do not show afterwards in the Selected section will be overwritten by the new selections.

    Use case 

    There are two TMs:

    • Czech TM from EN to CS

    • Multi TM from EN to CS and DE

    There is a project with source EN and target languages CS and DE.

    1. The Czech TM is added to a project (in the Select translation memories for: window, Czech is chosen from the All target languages dropdown)

    2. Click Select.

      The Select translation memories for: window reopens.

    3. Select All target languages to choose a Multi TM so both target languages in the project benefit from it. 

      In this case, the Czech TM will not be displayed in the Selected section as All target languages was the selected option (i.e. CS and DE). The Czech TM has only CS and not DE, so it cannot be displayed.

    4. The Multi TM in the Selected section overwrites the previous selection (Czech TM).

  2. Select required TMs and workflow steps. Click Continue.

    The Translation memories page opens and available TMs can be filtered Filter.png.

    • Searching by ID number in the general field will not return results based on ID number. To search for TMs by ID number, use the ID number search field.

    • Strict locales can be applied to filtered source and target languages

  3. Click Add_TM.pngto select TMs.

    Selected TMs are added to the Selected table and can be removed by clicking Remove_TM.png.

  4. Set options for selected TM(s):

    • Write

      Any segments confirmed in an editor or uploaded are saved into the TM.

      Not required and a maximum of two Write TMs per language and workflow step in a project.

    • Penalty (%)

      Set the penalty percentage for TM matches in analysis, pre-translate and an editor.

    • Priority order 

      Switch Define priority order to ON to manually set the order.

  5. Click Save all.

    Project page opens with assigned TMs listed in the Translation memories table.

Equal TM matches are prioritized based on the order shown in the Translation memories section of the project page.

Relevant TMs are displayed first and order is based on the priority set in the Selected table.

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