TMS: Translation memory & term base

Add option to add a new term into an existing Term Base entry from the Editor

Current behavior:
When adding a new term to a term base from the Editor, it creates a new entry. In case of multilingual term bases, there might already be an existing entry with the same term like the source term that is currently being added, but it is not possible to add only the term for the new target language to the existing entry.

Requested behavior:
When there is a multilingual term base attached to a project, it is possible to add a new target term to an existing entry if the source term is the same and already exists in the term base, when adding a new term from the Editor.

E.g.: A translator adds adds the EN term “important” with the IT translation “importante”. Later, the French translator adds the term “important” with the French translation “important”. Only the French term is added to the existing entry, creating one entry containing terms for EN, IT, and FR, instead of having one EN-IT and one EN-FR term.

Use case:
This would allow creating multilingual terms directly instead of having multiple entries for individual language pairs within the term base.



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