TMS: Translation memory & term base

Pre-translation settings dictate the QPS score threshold above which TM should always trump MT

Current behavior

Users can deselect Use machine translation for segments with a TM match of 100% or more in their Pre-translation settings to make sure that MT won't be given precedence in those cases. 

But if they'd also like TM matches with scores of 99 or under to trump MT ones with higher scores, they can't specify that.

Requested behavior

Users can set a threshold for TM match scores that should trump MT scores, even if they're higher. E.g. in one project with a trusted client-approved TM, all TM matches with scores of 80 and above can always trump MT, even if the MT scores 100. In a different project with a less trust-worthy TM, all TM matches with scores of 95 or above can trump MT.



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