TMS: Editors

Add separate shortcuts to search in TM/TB source or target content

Current behavior:
The existing shortcut Ctrl+K will open the Concordance Search Pane and search in TM/TB target content if your cursor is in a target segment. Whereas, if you use Ctrl+K shortcut when your cursor is on a source segment, it will automatically search in TM/TB source content.

Available workaround:
It is necessary to manually switch direction of concordance search from source to target or viceversa. Otherwise, first change the cursor position, and then open the Concordance Search Pane.

Requested behavior:
There are two separate shortcuts to always open the Concordance Search Pane for source to target and for target to source, regardless of your cursor position.

Use case:
Having two separate shortcuts will allow users to save time and avoid unnecessary additional clicks. In many cases, users wish to search for source to target content in Concordance Search while translating a segment.



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