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Add image field to TB entry

Current behavior:
It is not possible to upload an image directly to a TB entry in order to have a visual reference of the term from the Editor.

It is possible to add URLs leading to images to the URL field in the TB entry, however, this requires users to open external pages.

Requested behavior:
Add an image field to the in order to allow the upload of pictures to TB entries. The uploaded picture could be displayed at the bottom of the CAT pane whenever the TB match is selected. 

Use case:
In cases of confidential content, using URLs is not possible for security reasons, as those could be easily shared with unauthorized external users. Having a visual reference inside the Editor would improve and speed linguists' performance, and also overcome the mentioned security issues.



  • Hi. Please note that if you choose to implement this, it should be also supported in the TBX import/export.

    TBX standard allows for embedding base64 encoded data in back matter of the TBX file. See snippet below.

    In practice, preferred approach is to reference external files using <xref> element and implementing preview feature directly within editor environment. Access management for the referenced data can be achieved through other means.


    <descrip type="figure" target="fid-cricketbat">cricket bat</descrip>
    <refObjectList type="binaryData">
    <refObject id="fid-cricketbat">
    <item type="codePage">base64</item>
    <item type="format">jpg</item>
    <item type="data">

  • A worthy entry on the "Reasons why you shouldn't use Memsource" list, which is obviously a very short list, but a list nonetheless.

  • Images/Graphics in a termbase are sometimes vital for understanding complex technical concepts. We have been using lots of graphics in our previous terminology application and find it very difficult having to do without.


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