TMS: User management

Include more details about the users and their statistics

Currently, the user overview and the user profile only offer basic information about the enabled features and assigned jobs that are currently in progress. It would benefit the Linguists and Project Managers alike if there was more information included, so the PMs can determine capacity of individual translators and the company as a whole:

Current behavior:

Currently, the individual user statistics are rather limited.

Desired behavior:

Additional features are added, such as:

- Availability of the Linguist (Are they accepting jobs at the moment?)

- Number of jobs in progress
- Number of words in those jobs
- Latest job due date


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  • That would be a great improvement! What we also would like to be able to add about the linguists is details about their availability (holidays, sick leave, etc.), and areas of expertise (free text), etc. So far we have notes, but having those two specific types of information would be awesome!


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