TMS: Translation memory & term base

Extract terms utility as a separate feature

Currently, it's only possible to extract terms from the source text through the Tools menu in the Project view. This works only for the non-space languages. Introducing the term extraction as a separate feature might be more complex, but it would enrich the already broad possibilities of what can be done with the uploaded resources. 

Current behavior: 

Terms can only be extracted from source texts with Latin character sets. This utility does not work with source texts in non-space languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Thai).

Requested behavior: 

  • The "Extract terms" is an individually accessed feature with separate UI that allows to annotate the extracted terms with additional information.
  • It's possible to extract terms from both jobs and translation memories. 
  • It's possible to include the already existing Term Bases for comparison to reduce the number of candidates. 
  • A list of stop words is also included to lower the number of possible candidates. 

Use case:

Centralizing all the text related operations into one place. 



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