TMS: Translation memory & term base

Add option to create/populate TM with confirmed segments in existing jobs

Current behavior:
It is not possible to create a TM from existing jobs without exporting and re-importing the MXLIFF files into a new TM.

Available workaround:
Currently, the only way to preserve TUs metadata is to export the MXLIFF files, create a new TM and import the MXLIFF files into the new TM.

Requested behavior:
Add an option to create a new TM with all confirmed segments from selected jobs (ideally from the Jobs table).
Otherwise, manually create a new TM from the Project page (as usual), and add an option to populate it with confirmed segments from selected jobs to the Jobs table.

Use case:
In case a Project was created without TM, it would be a faster way to get an updated TM while the translation process has already started/finished.


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  • It will be valued feature, thank you.


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