Optimizing QA issue reporting for identical source/target

Current behavior:

When QA check reports the issues of type "Identical target but different source" and "Identical source but different target", the error is reported against each subsequent deviating source/target one-by-one. The QA check misses the first instance of the source-target pair.

Requested behavior: 

  • The QA error must be reported against the very first instance of the inconsistent source-target translation. It may be the first instance that is the wrong one.
  • The QA error must contain all segment numbers that are affected by the inconsistent translation. Currently, the error lists only the # of the last preceding segment, but there may be many more "identical source" or "identical target" segments, that both precede and follow the checked segments. All affected segments should be listed in the error message.

Use case: 

Overall improvements to the QA check. 



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