TMS: User management

User rights can be set based on a workflow step

The option to set the linguist user permissions based on workflow step could bring a Linguist diversification, sought-after by some clients. Linguist role is currently used for all types of linguists in the translation process (translators, reviewers, validators), even though the roles themselves can be different and require different access.

Current behavior:

The permissions can be set in the user profile. If the client wants to assign the same Linguist to a different role (translator, reviewer), they need to change the permission after each workflow step. This can be time-consuming and error-prone.


Create multiple user accounts for the same Linguist with different level of user rights. Activate them when needed. 

Requested behavior:

The user rights can be set for each workflow step to fit the workflow.

Use case:

Many times, the workflow step requires specific settings for the users working on the jobs. For example, Reviewer must be able to edit the TM/TB, but the translators should not. Validators have to be able to reject the jobs and so on. 



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