Introducing a "mandatory" field in the term base settings


I would like to request the introduction of a new field in the Term Base settings to go along the "Forbidden" and "Preferred" options, see here.

The request is to add a "Mandatory" option to cater for situations where a given term is a "do not translate" term with respect to our source language. 

Our source language is normally English (US) and we have over 70 entries in our glossary that are marked as "do not translate", meaning that these should stay in English across all supported languages translations. We currently add this instructions in the description of the term base entry but it can easily missed during the translation phase and the QA step doesn't offer a specific warning for if these terms have been translated instead of being left in English.

Ideally we'd like to have the option of marking the untranslated target entry of "do not translate" terms as "Mandatory" in our term base to trigger a specific warning during the QA step when these are otherwise localised.

I understand that having a feature that is called "Do Not Translate" would not be possible as term bases don't work in language pairs so it'd be a difficult concept to work with. Therefore the request of having a specific field called "Mandatory" (or something to this effect) would ensure that an entry that should be left identical to the source can be maintained as such and flagged as an error if it is otherwise rendered in the target language.



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