TMS: User management

Individual price lists for linguist accounts

Current behavior: 

Currently, the price list stores lists of different language pairs. (e.g. You can have EN>PT, FR, ES), but only one price per language pair can be stored within it (e.g. You cannot store two of the EN>ES prices).
The current behavior is more suitable for storing prices for vendors, as vendors tend to only have one fixed price for each language pair.


Requested behavior:

Each linguist account there can be a field that specifies the base rate of said linguist, which later can be used alongside Net rate schemes.

Use case:

As we tend to collaborate with freelancers more than vendors (and vendors tends to send us quote directly without using the quote system within Memsource), there can be multiple linguists of the same language pair (different prices for the same language pair), which is opposite to what the current price list is intended for.



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