TMS: Translation memory & term base

Save empty target segments to translation memory

Saving empty target segments to TM is currently not possible. While a completed file may be downloaded with some empty translations, the corresponding empty TM entries cannot be saved. 

Current behavior:

Segments with empty target or a target containing a whitespace character (space, non-breaking space, zero-width, full-width, and thin space) are not saved to TM. 


Enter the unicode character "U+2800" (Braille Pattern Blank). However, in some systems, it can appear garbled.

Expected behavior:

TM should allow a more "common" space character to be saved.

Use case:
To prevent the same segment appearing untranslated each time when a variant of the initial source file is pre-translated.


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  • Hi Hana. Just to expand on the expected behavior: it should be possible to confirm/save completely empty segment as a white-space could cause undesired behavior in the target content.



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